Tipi Tents

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As children, we used to love all sorts of hideouts. Who among us has never created a cosy corner using chairs and blankets? Our childhood memories are coming back in an upgraded form. A tipi tent is a promise of great fun. It can be adapted as a tiny playroom, a cosy hiding-place or a relaxation space. It also fits nicely to outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces or beaches.

A tipi tent allows children to engage their imagination and create a space full of dreams and toys. Some will read fairytales, others will tell stories, and still, others will fall asleep among their cuddly toys. The tipi tent is guaranteed fun for many years. It helps build creative thinking and clear the child’s mind away from computer games and television.

Once children finish playing, the tent can be easily folded, saving space and making the room less cluttered. It is also very practical as the tent and its elements are easy to maintain. What is more, all components can be easily washed in a washing machine. The tent itself is made of thick canvas and colourful cotton. It is not only solid and durable but also pleasant to the eye. COZY & DOZY takes care of every detail and makes sure about the safety of elements and quality of design.

Boho WhiteBoho White
Boho PinkBoho Pink
Boho GreyBoho Grey
Garden FOREST setGarden FOREST set
Garden HONEY setGarden HONEY set
Garden NAVY setGarden NAVY set
Garden SAND setGarden SAND set
Garden STONE setGarden STONE set
Garden ForestGarden Forest
Garden NavyGarden Navy
Garden SandGarden Sand
Garden HoneyGarden Honey
Garden StoneGarden Stone
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Candy GreenCandy Green
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